Fertility Coaching

I am an Enneagram-certified coach and facilitator and have extensive experience coaching and mentoring in the corporate world.  Using this experience, I’ve built the model below to assist in the work we can do to enable fertility. 

My coaching model is integrative in that it focuses on all aspects of a client’s life and all lines of development.  We take cognisance of the ways in which adults learn best and we tailor the approach to each client’s preferred learning style and personality.  Goals are agreed in each segment of work we undertake and there is regular reflection and assessment of progress.

This work can be engaged with individually or in groups.  Please contact me for a free introductory discussion or to book a session.  I’m based in Johannesburg but Skype, Zoom or FaceTime sessions are possible for clients outside this geographic area. 

The Model and Program​

I’m of the view that there are four general areas in which our work lies:

  • The identification of limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • The release of emotions we’ve sorted in our physical bodies and the identification of emotional patterns
  • Spiritual or metaphysical work; and
  • Physical and lifestyle work.

Supporting this work are the tools that assist in the process: journaling, meditation and mindfulness practices, an understanding of personality traits and drivers and a consciousness of intention and attention practices. 

All these things are circular or spiral, rather than linear, in their application.  We begin wherever we are, with whatever feels like the right – or even the easiest – place for us, and then move on from there to the natural next step for us.  Perhaps we switch back and forth between our beliefs and emotions.  Or maybe we take some time to master the tools before we approach the big fields of work.